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With us you are always alive and well!
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Dear visitors, just only for you!

Unique Bath afloat in the basin of the Dnieper River invites you to fine and good for a good time!

ДA two-storey log cabin made from natural, environmentally friendly wood.
Always fresh cold beer on tap and a delicious barbecue!
The heater in the steam room on the wood.
Attendant – winner of the «Golden Broom Finland.».
After a great steaming, you gladly plunge directly into the Dnieper, regardless of the season.
At your request, you will scrub and massage for relaxation and support himself in great shape.
To us you can reach not only by road but also on the boat dock or boat, you organized a convenient dock.

For you - corporate barbecue and baked potatoes from the bath attendant.

We are very pleased to see you!

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